Social commerce is the buzzword in recent years – it integrates the interactive element of social media and the convenience of e-commerce, thereby creating a user experience that combines the best of both worlds.

In a social commerce environment, consumers can discover the brand, engage with the seller, and purchase on the spot without having to switch between platforms. It effectively shortens the consumer funnel, bringing them from awareness to buy in a short period.

Earlier this year, Thailand’s no.1 messaging platform, LINE, launched LINE MyShop, joining the likes of Facebook and Instagram in beefing up its social commerce capability. In LINE MyShop, consumers can engage in private one-to-one conversations with the brand to ask questions, and then make purchases on the platform natively, almost similar to what one would experience when shopping in a physical store.


So what is LINE MyShop all about? What can it do for you? Let’s find out.

What is LINE MyShop


Launched in Q1 of 2020, LINE MyShop is a new frontend feature of LINE that allows businesses to sell products online conveniently, supported with a complete set of simple-to-use e-commerce tools at no additional cost.

The only prerequisite is that you need to have a LINE Official Account (OA) set up first for your business to gain access to LINE MyShop.

Interesting statistics

According to the statistics from LINE MyShop official website.

  • The potential reach of selling through LINE is over 45 million people.
  • Up to 45% chance of closing sales with customers from LINE chat.
  • More than 40% of customers in Thailand prefer buying and selling through social media.
  • The chance of closing sales is 15 times higher when the customer interacts in Chat first as compared to entering the Shop directly.

The advantages of LINE MyShop

Other than upping your chance of closing sales, Line MyShop also offers other e-commerce advantages for your brand. By and large, here’s what you can expect:

  • Relatively fuss-free shop setup for brands with Line Official Account. You just need to upload your SKU’s information and enter your payment details, and your e-commerce shop is ready to roll.
  • You will be able to manage the entire e-commerce process easily with free tools, from editing SKUs, issuing an order sheet, filtering chats by order status, managing fulfillment, and more.
  • There will be a URL and QR code for your Line MyShop store, enabling you to publicize the store on websites or other social media channels.
  • Sales are closed natively in LINE, hence reducing drop-out rates typically associated with switching of platforms.
  • Able to integrate different payment modes like Rabbit Pay, credit card, wire transfer, and collect money on destination.
  • Built-in reporting function that provides insightful statistics to aid you in optimizing your store and sales performance.

Store examples and usage

LINE MyShop Store examples and usage 1

Here is how the frontend of Line MyShop looks like, where customers can view the full selection of products, as well as filter products that are on sale.

LINE MyShop Store examples and usage 2

Customers can click each product to see additional details, such as product information, product images, amount of inventories, etc. When a customer finds a product that they like, he/she can add it to cart immediately.

Store examples and usage 3

When satisfied with all products added to Cart, the customer can press the Buy Now button to proceed to the payment page.

Store examples and usage 4

Lastly, in the Place Order page, the customer will be required to fill in his/her shipping address and select the payment method.

Start Social Commerce on LINE MyShop today!

If you have your eyes set on the Thai market for your business, do add LINE as part of your digital marketing strategy for growth in brand loyalty and sales.

The Japan-based mobile messenger app has grown tremendously in Thailand, with 22 million registered LINE app users in 2014, which doubled to 44 million in Q2 of 2019. It is also Thailand’s top mobile app by monthly active users and overall revenue, according to a 2018 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social.

IH Digital can help you expand reach in the Thai market with our LINE services. We will assist you with opening a LINE Official Account, run LINE ads, and set up LINE MyShop.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about our LINE capabilities.

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