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Case study: Strategies to grow LINE friends organically


Starting a LINE Official Account is essential in penetrating the Thailand market, but the real uphill task begins when brands attempt to grow LINE friends organically.

But fret not, let us walk you through some strategies and best practices employed by Swarovski to help you maximize your brand’s potential for LINE organic growth.  


Put LINE contact on Facebook caption to grow LINE friends organically

This strategy is simple yet effective. As a rule of thumb, Swarovski includes their LINE OA contact on almost all Facebook posts.

By using this technique, Swarovski taps into their broad Facebook fan base to drive existing fans from Facebook to LINE. 

This is exceptionally effective when Swarovski posts about price promotions, as customers tend to react by initiating conversations with the brand to find out more about product information and pricing, and LINE is typically their preferred platform for personalized one-to-one interactions.

Example of Price Com Posts 

Grab hold of opportunities to engage

The efficacy of this technique was most apparent when Swarovski rode on the k-pop wave and launched a new jewelry line inspired by the Korean drama series “Crash Landing On You”.

Since posting it up on Facebook, Swarovski experienced an influx of new friends on LINE, who mainly enquired about price and store locations, and it subsequently drove footfall traffic to Swarovski’s stores as well.

Example Korean Series Posts 

Why does Swarovski use LINE to penetrate the Thailand Market?

When we talk about the most indispensable communication applications in the daily lives of Thais, the answer is clear that LINE is one of them. LINE is the third most-used social media platform in Thailand, trailing behind just two social media giants- Facebook (93%) and YouTube (91%).

According to a survey result released by LINE, more than 70% of LINE users in Thailand prefer to receive broadcast messages about discounts and promotions, hence it is a suitable environment to push out high-quality promotional content through the Broadcast function.

Moreover, after building a sizable friends base on LINE, Swarovski also ensures that followers are kept engaged and rewarded through contests. In some contests, Swarovski’s LINE friends are notified through a Broadcast message and then redirected to Swarovski’s Facebook page to participate, hence strengthening the synergy between both platforms.

Example of Wall Contest Post and LINE Broadcast message

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Build Up Your Online Presence in Thailand with LINE OA and More!

If you are exploring to enter the Thai market for your business, do add LINE as part of your digital marketing strategy for guaranteed growth in brand loyalty.

The Japan-based mobile messenger app has grown tremendously in Thailand with 22 million registered LINE app users in 2014, which doubled to 44 million in Q2 of 2019. It is also Thailand’s top mobile app by monthly active users and overall revenue, according to a 2018 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social.

IH Digital can help you reach the Thai market with our LINE services. We can assist you in getting a LINE Official Account, as well as run LINE ads and launch LINE contests to increase brand awareness.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about our LINE capabilities.

LINE marketing in Thailand

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