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SEO vs SEM: Which Strategy is Effective for Your Business?

SEO vs SEM:  Which Strategy is Effective for Your Business?

Many people are confused with SEO and SEM. Though they work together independently, they do complement each other in so many aspects. It involves completely different strategies. However, the outcome is the same, which is to increase your website traffic and visibility. So, before you begin planning your search marketing campaign, familiarise yourself on the differences and similarities of SEO vs SEM first. This way, you’ll create a more effective online marketing plan for your business and eventually get your desired results.

SEO vs SEM: Key Differences & Similarities

SEO vs SEM: What are the key differences and similarities?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Organic Search

The most basic difference between SEO vs SEM is if it’s organic or not. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the organic or non-paid search strategy. Its primary aim is to improve your website ranking in many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing. SEO relies heavily on your website content with deliberate use of keywords, titles, meta descriptions, URLs and inbound or external links.

As a start, your target should be to appear in the top 10 search results on the first page. To do this, you have to integrate an SEO plan into your website. There are millions of search results online, so you have to work hard on standing out in any search engine with quality content and SEO.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Paid Search

On the other hand, search engine marketing (SEM) is the paid search strategy. It mainly targets getting the top rank for your website by placing it on top of the first page as an advertisement. This strategy will surely and quickly drive more traffic to your website compared to SEO. But it also requires a lot of learning to do before you ace the competition.

In Google, there are many types of SEM campaigns to choose from such as text ads, display ads, shopping ads, and video ads. Each type corresponds to a specific goal. Hence, you need to carefully select the most appropriate ad type to suit your product/service, website, and goals.

Your budget is one of the first things to plan in this strategy. It is necessary to include key performance indicators like click-through-rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC). Furthermore, the campaign has to be properly executed or else, it will not bring much traffic to your site. Lastly, you have to monitor and analyse your campaign to keep track of your efforts.

SEM is a complicated digital marketing strategy. But if you thoroughly plan your search marketing approach, you will be able to maximise your budget and get the most out of your campaign revenue-wise.

SEO & SEM: A Powerful Combination for Search Marketing

In the world of online marketing, change is the only constant thing. You have to keep up to speed or you’ll get left behind in a blink of an eye. If you’re not sure whether you need either strategies, both, or none at all, know this – the only way to ace the tough digital competition is to do what your key competitors are doing – SEO and SEM!

Whether it’s organic or paid search, it’s best to maintain both strategies if you want to ultimately reach your goals. SEO is the foundation of search marketing. With the relevant keywords, links and correct ad setup, your website traffic will grow and your conversation rates will significantly improve. Make sure to establish an SEO-friendly website first, and work your way up using sponsored search ads to acknowledge the site’s credibility. Having both these tactics incorporated in your digital marketing campaigns will definitely get you the results and sales you desire.

Strengthen your search engine presence with SEO and SEM!

Strengthen your search engine presence with SEO and SEM!

Now that you know how SEO and SEM complement each other, it’s time you take advantage of its potential and win the competition!

Remember, both SEO and SEM strongly depend on competitive keywords that speak equally to the target audience. Only with the right keywords, SEO and SEM will effectively position your website on top of the search list.

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3 Proven Techniques to Win Airline Digital Marketing

3 Proven Techniques to Win Airline Digital Marketing

For airlines, their customers’ digital journey begins from the second a customer stumbles upon a social media post about a top travel destination to the minute they start searching for flights. It continues the instance customers shortlist several airlines until the moment they finally book a ticket. But even after securing an airline ticket, airline digital marketing still applies well past a customer’s one-way or roundtrip travel.

As such, digital marketing for airlines is crucial. Besides a solid social media presence, airlines like Eva Air understand that they must be strategic in deploying digital marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ll look at the airline digital marketing strategy of Eva Air and how it proved to be successful for the airline brand.

Travel Influencer Marketing Strategy for Airline Brands

Besides well-run social media pages, Eva Air also bolstered its online marketing strategy with influencer marketing. The airline turned to influencers to increase brand awareness and promote their new Bangkok-Vienna route. For this endeavour, they enlisted the content creation expertise and high-profile influence of Thai couple and travel bloggers Paigunna. The couple maintains a prominent blog, a Facebook page with more than 650,000 fans and an Instagram page with more than 63,000 followers.

Popular Thai couple travel influencers Paigunna promoting Eva Air’s new route on Instagram

Tasked with promoting the Bangkok-Vienna route, Paigunna focused on showcasing what the city has to offer. They filled their blog and social media pages with stunning photographs of the sights, scenery and mouth-watering food that await tourists in Vienna. Paigunna’s posts about the charming city of Vienna garnered more than 1,700 likes on Instagram and more than 800 social actions on Facebook.

A blog post shared by Paigunna promoting Eva Air’s Bangkok-Vienna route

The couple also zeroed in on promoting the Eva Air. On their blog, they went into the fine details of the aircraft they boarded – raving about the features and the many conveniences on board.

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy for Airline Brands

Eva Air’s blog site with search engine optimised articles to win target keywords

In airline digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) is vital. On this front, Eva Air maintains a regular publishing schedule on its blog site. With this effort, the airline ensures higher visibility of their website in search engines. Moreover, with the valuable content they provide, more qualified potential customers are attracted because of the richer user experience.

The result of their SEO campaign efforts is noteworthy. The airline improved website traffic by 50% compared to 2018 and by more than 130% compared to 2017. But more importantly, they rank in the top three Google search result pages (SERPs) on their 15 targeted keywords.

Event Marketing Strategy for Airline Brands

Although interacting with customers on the digital landscape comes naturally for airlines, it’s just as important to build relationships face-to-face. For Eva Air, their annual 1-day event is their way of gaining new customers and fostering brand loyalty.

Eva Air’s 2019 event at Central World, Bangkok | Photo credit: Eva Airways Corp.

In their 2019 event held at Central World in Bangkok, the floor was buzzing with fun-filled activities. At the event, customers had access to discounted tickets and various promotions at the sales booth, enjoyed a session with an influencer and a mini-concert, and even participated in games. Other activities and booths included a VR booth, a street night market, and a photo booth.

Take your airline brand to new heights!

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